VEIL's 3-Rules

Only Technology Principle


independent technology

We support customer’s marketing activities by providing our know-how and independent technology.

Only One Principle


one company, one recipe

Never Provides the same recipe to various customers for leading their own brand in the market

Only You Principle


customer protection

We strictly keep our customer’s Information and recipe in confidential to sustain value of credit.

Innovation & Technology Driven Manufacturing

VEIL COSMETIC creates various brands by new technologies. Beauty of Korea starts from VEIL COSMETIC and it blossoms into the global. VEIL COSMETIC always aims to develop new and innovative technology. Perfection is what we seek and we continuously and relentlessly invest our resources in applying the latest dermalogical technologies and beauty research and development sciences to each and every formulation released. Delivering new innovative functional beauty products to the international market is our passion and we strive to continuously evolve year after year together , Creating new trends and leading the way forth in the Korean Cosmeceutical manufacturing industry.

VEIL'S Manufacturing System

Veil cosmetic offers optimized consulting services with skilled and expert personnel.

Complete One Stop Service Manufacturing

VEIL COSMETIC private label contract manufacturing offers a complete ONE STOP SERVICE from formulation to packaging, brand design and delivery.

Every facet of production is covered to achieve optimal success for each and every one of our clients.

Certification & Standards

VEIL COSMETIC produces products according to international standards. In addition, if the customer has the certification they want, such as Vegan or Cruelty-Free, we proceed accordingly from the development stage so that they can obtain the certification. Also, for Halal certification, it is possible to develop and produce the product in accordance with the regulation of the Korea Muslim Federation (KMF) and receive the certification acquisition procedure. At Last, we provide documents necessary for product registration and smooth import to each Importing country without any problems when requested. 

                                                                                                    HALAL cosmetic product certifications

                                                                                                         KMF (Korea Muslim Federation)

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