It's time to unVEIL your dream.

  Veil's make on your dreams with the know-how


           R&D technology more than 10 years


“No more dreaming, just do it"

'We are not making products, We are design your dream.'

VEIL COSMETIC has established a foundation for domestic and foreign

cosmetics brands and is presenting a new total beauty platform that

relieves customers from A to Z and develops requested brand products based on more than 10 years of R&D technology know-how.

VEIL's 3-Rules

Only Technology Principle


independent technology

We support customer’s marketing activities by providing our know-how and independent technology.

Only One Principle


one company, one recipe

Never Provides the same recipe to various customers for leading their own brand in the market

Only You Principle


customer protection

We strictly keep our customer’s Information and recipe in confidential to sustain value of credit.

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